We’ll coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second!

Bed & Breakfast Menu-Building

It’s a Process:
Not Everything Makes the Cut

by Jamie Narehood

Westcott’s carte du jour-planning process for fall and winter is underway. Each season, we deep-dive down the rabbit hole of recipe research; draw up a list of possibilities; compare those possibilities to what other St. Augustine B&Bs are offering to ensure a continued high-end and unique experience; taste-test the prospects; evaluate their feasibility for our guests; and then Westcott-up the winners before they hit the live menu. 

Over the years, we have been blessed to work with a number of wonderful chefs (Barb, Kevin, Louise, Bessie, Justin, Billy, Andrea), who brought so much to the Westcott table, so to speak, but Chef / Operations Manager, Myra Schaeffer, has been facilitating, in one way or another, what comes out of our kitchen since 2014. 

The Westcott menu will always feature its staples—signature baked French Toast; homemade crusted egg-based quiche; and individual-ramekin-baked dishes. When asked on the sly (because she prefers to fly under the radar), Myra said “It has to be something they may not get somewhere else, a dish that will bring fond memories of a day of life and joy, a breakfast that will make them smile and make them want to come back for more, to bring fond memories of their visit to Westcott. That is it. Well, that is how I do it.”

Current out-of-the-box (not literally) contestants for the winter menu (featured mid-September through March) include an apple fritter casserole (eggs, Granny Smith apples, applesauce, nutmeg, cinnamon); creamy grape salad; breakfast enchilada; and sausage biscuits and gravy (with pork, onion, mushroom, sage).

On a not-so-random side note, in case you have not noticed, Elizabeth’s Room features three popular reproductions of Claude Monet (1840-1926).  Reproductions of Water Lilies 1906, Promenade Near Argenteuil, and Garden Path at Giverny are displayed, chosen to represent the period during which Westcott House was built. Elizabeth presents with classic charm but modern elegance. Inside the Main House on the first floor, Elizabeth offers her guests two Queen-sized beds (accommodating 2 people at regular rate, or up to four people with an extra-guest fee of $45 per person), lavished by Comphy brand linens. The seating area boasts a marble-topped table, 2 antique chairs, and a 40-inch flat-screen television. The bathroom features a clear-glass vessel sink with swan neck faucet and a walk-in shower adorned with mosaic tile and a rainfall shower head. The dark wood floor contrasts beautifully with the light palette and antique furnishings.

You perhaps are already familiar with Elizabeth’s Room, but did you know that Monet was known not only for the obvious–the founder of French impressionist painting–but that he was a serious foodie and gourmet artiste? In fact, “just as the inspiration for many of his paintings was drawn from his beloved gardens and the surrounding Normandy landscape”, the meals served at Giverny (where he lived from 1883 to 1926) “were based upon superb ingredients from his kitchen garden (a work of art in itself), farmyard, and the French countryside” [Monet’s Table by Claire Jones].

This St. Augustine bed and breakfast has not just brought his paintings to its décor but may be adding a favorite or two of his to the menu in the near future. A consummate foodie of the 19th century (born 33 years after Dr. Westcott (06/16/1807-12/31/1888), it has been said that his top three dishes to make were Orsini (cloud) eggs, potato pie, and strawberry mousse.  [Pictured Left: Our vanilla cupcakes with strawberry mousse-inspired frosting | photo by Amie Ayers Photography]

Our social hour-and-a-half (5pm-6:30pm daily) nibbles and nom-noms aren’t half bad either. Just this past weekend, Justin spoiled guests with aoli-stuffed tomatoes with hint of bacon, green onion, rosemary, and parmesan. Extravagant treats like lavender-crusted brie or a whipped roasted red pepper dip or sweet corn dip may find their way to the social table. If you aren’t hungry yet, you will be after you check out some of our photos from social hours past!

Whether a foodie adventure or just a quick getaway are in your midst, please consider allowing our staff to give you the full Westcott experience—the food, the room choices, the stellar customer service. We will coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second!


Bayfront Westcott House Bed & Breakfast
146 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine FL  32084
904.825.4602 | WestcottHouse.com | OnTheBay@WestcottHouse.com

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