We’ll coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second!

Main House | First Floor | Interior Entrance

Room 101 | Menendez

Vibe with the blue hue and water energy in this light and airy room that overlooks Avenida Menendez and Matanzas Bay.


Room 102 | Caroline

Get with the Ohm! Caroline’s zenities include soft elegant lighting, a porcelain Elizabethian tub, and a rain shower. 


Room 103 | Elizabeth

Versatile grays, inset lighting, and Monet prints showcase the wonderfully-dramatic features of Elizabeth’s Room.

Main House | First Floor | Exterior Entrance

Room 106 | Rachel

A bold blend of antiques, artwork, and modern design make this miniature marvel the perfect place for couples to lay their head after an active St. Augustine day.

Room 107 | Emma

Emma, the corner room, is all about celebrating a free-spirited aesthetic and eclectic style, with mixed patterns, metals and woods.

Main House | Second Floor | Interior Entrance

Room 201 | Isabella

Elegant. Graceful. Sophisticated. And she’s pretty. And she has a view.  

Room 202 | Anastasia

No matter the time of year, Anastasia will make you feel like it’s fall. The colors, the calm, comfy, the cozy.  

Room 203 | Victoria

Sometimes it’s all about that view. Whether you’re inside gazing outward or on your private terrace enjoying the breeze, your mood will be next-level awesome. 

Main House | Second Floor | Exterior Entrance

Room 204 | Charlotte

A lilac/gray/ white color palette. An ornamental ceiling medallion. A glitz-and-glam washroom. Modest opulence, by our definition. 

Room 205 | Minorcan
Since the 1700s, the Menorcan colonists and their descendants have been an integral part of our city. The earthy color palette in our Minorcan Room represents their courageous efforts as settlers of northeast Florida and their influence on St. Augustine through the ages.
Room 207 | Abigail
They say, “Build it and they will come” and so we did. This room’s for you, purple enthusiasts! Corner room, cathedral ceiling, purple low-back throne chairs, purple this, purple that  …  

Main House | Third Floor | Interior Entrance

Room 301 | Alison’s Loft
No guests beside or above you. A baroque-style king-sized bed. An electric fireplace. A swanky shower set-up. A great view. Couple’s retreat anyone? 

Carriage House | First Floor

Room 108 | Rebecca

Rebecca’s room is the perfect room if you’re in need of a little R&R. A private porch. A metal-framed bed. A relaxing color scheme. A jetted tub. 

Room 109 | Alexandra
Alexandra’s shades of blue and fun-but-classic cottage chic style create a delightful sense of wellbeing.

Carriage House | Second Floor

Room 208 | Virginia

Virginia is for lovers–lovers of everything. Lovers of second-story corner rooms that offer a partial bay view and also overlook historic Marine Street. Lovers of cozy rooms. Lovers of jetted tubs and large showers.  

Room 209 | Catherine
Get lost in your own little world with Catherine. You’ll be up close and personal with the trees. You can see the water, you can feel the breeze. 
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