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Westcott VIP Club

A Stay-Based Loyalty Program

by Jamie Narehood

Building a rewards program isn’t as easy as one might think. There are many intricate parts and pieces to attend to on the administrative end, from streamlining the customer database overflowing with duplicate entries, to incorporating a guest identification system, to establishing the policies and procedures for administration, to deciding what the rewards and stipulations shall be, to actual full-on implementation and launch. 

The how-to-show-our-appreciation part did not take long. We know how we want to show our love. Because the back end of things, however, is going to take a minute, we will officially launch the Westcott VIP Club in January 2024 and wanted to get you excited about it now. 

General Manager Lisa Paxton (who has graced Westcott and all its guests with her presence since 2014) has been seeking permission, for almost as many years, to implement a truly suitable VIP program and has finally been granted permission to run with it. There is no need for me to write a fluff piece about the genuine intentions and why this is happening because Lisa says it best!

“We work so hard to be the best version of ourselves. Some of us find happiness in traveling the world, some of us have jobs that keep us so busy we don’t get to travel much, but when we do have the opportunity, we seek something that will give us the love and the luxury of the comforts of home, a home away from home.

The money the guests have invested through the years aren’t just dollar signs to us. The people … the people through the years who have been such amazing repeat guests and have become like a family to me, to all of us that get the pleasure to serve and assist them with all their wants and needs. To assist them in making every moment they are with us perfect. To share a memory. To be a part of their journey through the years. To see them smiling and laughing, loving their every moment. To see them enjoying our delicious food. Seeing what we see every day, that we may take for granted. We help create a happy memory. 

But they make happy memories for us too. Such memories I could write a book about. Memories that would make you laugh, memories that would make you cry. 

Those repeat guests represent the family that I may have lost. They are the memory, the experience I needed to forget about my worries. They bring me happiness, love, and joy in everything I do. That the amazing staff does. The guests are the missing piece to the puzzle where days we may not have felt like coming to work that day. 

I remember that sweet couple that needed that special touch because they were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. I remember the wife trying to do something special for her spouse’s birthday and wasn’t able to sneak away to do it herself. I remember guests having lost their spouses and coming to Westcott to find peace or comfort because they read our amazing reviews and know we give a bleep. 

Without our guests, we would be nothing more than a beautiful house with an amazing view. There are lots of those around. Without our guests, we would be an empty shell of a house. THAT is why the Rewards Program is so important to me. Sorry if I babble, but this is from my heart.” 

Lisa Paxton, you go right ahead and babble all day long. We love you, House loves you, and the guests love you. And because you have tread lightly yet firmly on getting this authentic rewards program going, it is finally happening. 

The Westcott VIP Club is a stay-based loyalty program through which you get back what you put in. For every night you stay with us, you will accrue a percentage point. You can redeem those percentage points at night number 20, meaning you will be eligible for a 20% discount on the room of your choice (including weekends, but excluding holidays and special event periods). If you redeem at 21 nights, a 21% discount will apply, etc. Alternatively, you can let your points accrue up to 50 nights (the cap) and enjoy a 50% discount. There will not be a minimum stay requirement, but there will be a max. In early 2024, you will receive an email with your personal VIP Club ID number that you will use to book all future stays as well as the number of days you have racked up. Details are still being ironed out, so stay tuned for more information.

Another long-awaited discount is for Military & First Responders. Using PROMO CODE Essential, a 10% discount, any day, any room weekends and holidays included, can be applied to any reservation made after September 1, 2023.The only stipulation is that valid professional licensing credentials will be required at check-in.

To redeem that online discount, make sure you do the following.

Click here to see if any of our other year-round or seasonal discounts appeal to you. At Bayfront Westcott House, we will coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second!


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